PVC Strip Curtains Northern Ireland

PVC Strip Curtains Northern Ireland PVC Strip Curtains and Doors are widely used as an energy saving product. When fitted on the exterior doors of buildings heat loss reduction is guaranteed. As well as controlling outside drafts when fitted inside roller doors PVC Strip Curtains can be used for many other purposes including temperature control inside commercial freezers, dust control, fume control, noise control and the spread of airborne pollutants. Specially coloured PVC strips can also be used to protect workers from welding flash by removing harmful UV rays. We supply PVC material in complete 50m rolls in a variety of different widths or alternatively as complete made to measure PVC Strip Curtains. Standard roll sizes include 200×2, 300×3, and 400×4. We also supply flexible PVC doors and panels on a made to measure basis.

One of the main benefits of PVC strip curtains is how easy they are to install, maintain, replace and use in the working environment. PVC strip curtains are easy to install and easy to replace. You can replace or adjust a single strip as each strip is separate. There is no need to take the entire curtain down unless all strips are being replaced.

Besides the occasional replacement due to wear and tear after a long period of service, PVC strip curtains need very little maintenance at all. A wipe down when they get noticeably dirty is all you’ll need to do, and for a thorough cleaning it’s easy to unhook the strip and fold it up to clean or rinse it in the sink.

PVC strip curtains are durable so they are suitable for many different premises. Factories, shops and warehouses can all benefit from the reliable strength of PVC strip curtains. If you need a barrier for an area where heavy metal objects frequently pass through, PVC strip curtains will stand up to repeated heavy usage and will remain hanging securely on their hooks.

PVC Strip Curtains help maintain temperature. If you have a walk in freezer or chiller that is in constant use, installing PVC strip curtains will help the prevent temperature changes in rooms which need to maintain a constant temperature. The insulating properties of PVC means it can create a barrier between hot and cold spaces, limiting the transfer of heat between rooms. This is perfect for fridges, larders and freezers adjoined to restaurant kitchens as the temperatures of each room will be maintained when the doors are left open for longer periods of time. We supply PVC suitable for freezers and cold rooms.

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