Two Section Extension Ladder

Two Section Extension Ladder

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Two Section Extension Ladder –   Wide slip resistant “D” shaped rungs for comfort and security. Our extension ladders are designed for strength and rigidity at any height. With heavy duty contoured feet and tips. 150kg capacity. Manufactured to BS EN131. Suitable for professional use.

Reliable ladders are essential when working at height and you need to ensure it is the right one to help you complete tasks at height efficiently and safely. This two section extension ladder is the perfect addition to any project. It has been specifically designed for ultimate strength and rigidity at any height and has a large maximum capacity of 150kg. This product has wide non-slip ‘D’ shaped rungs for your personal comfort and security thanks to these added factors the ladder is suitable for professional use. This product has heavy duty contoured feet and tips which enables it to be extremely reliable and durable. You can choose which height extended you would prefer; 2.95m, 4.07m, allowing you to find a ladder that caters to your needs. This ladder is manufactured to BS EN131 standards for your peace of mind. Our comfort rung ladders are a great addition for working at height.

Extension Ladders are made up of a standard rung ladder which has another ladder section attached to it. This additional section acts as the extension. The section either slides or folds out to create a longer ladder that can achieve a taller working height. Each extendable section can be locked in at various intervals to adjust the overall ladder height to an appropriate level for the task at hand.

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