Trade Combination Ladder

Trade Combination Ladder

Brand Combination Ladders Northern Ireland

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Trade Combination Ladder – Our Trade Combination Ladder has a wide slip resistant “D” section rungs for comfort and security. It is designed for strength and rigidity at any height and has slip resistant feet with stabiliser bars. 150kg capacity. Manufactured to BS EN131, ten year guarantee. Made in UK.

Gaining access to high up areas where you need to work requires a piece of equipment that will keep the user comfortable and supported. This comfort rung combination ladder with two sections is designed for complete strength and rigidity at any height. It’s got non-slip feet with stabiliser bars to provide you with absolute stability and it has an impressive capacity of 150kg, enabling it to hold a variety of weights. For extra security this combination ladder has wide non-slip ‘D’ section rungs which also make the product more comfortable to use. For your peace of mind this product is suitable for professional use and is manufactured to BS EN131 standards. This product is available to purchase in a range of different heights; 2950mm, 4070mm, 5190mm, 6310mm or 7430mm, allowing you to find the one that’s right for your business. Our light trade combination ladder¬†with two sections offer comfort and stability to the user.

Combination ladders are capable of tackling a wide variety of different workplace scenarios. Combi Ladders do this by replacing the need for multiple ladders through their ability to replicate the most useful ones.

Our range of combination ladders begin with 3 way ladders combining step ladders, extension ladders and stairway ladders. This encompasses three of the most useful ladder types on the market, making it incredibly useful.

We supply and deliver a wide range of access equipment throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.


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