Steel Framed Track Support Stands

Steel Framed Track Support Stands

Brand Gravity Roller Conveyors Northern Ireland

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Steel Framed Track Support Stands – Supports should be fitted every 1.5m and at frame joints. Available as ‘T’ foot for bolting to floor, rubber foot, or castors with additional knee brace. Adjustable in height – add 100mm height for castors.

How to choose your conveyor:

Step 1 – Length of conveyor required. The prices in the grid are per metre, based on 3m lengths.

Step 2 – Width required -300mm, 450mm, 600mm or 750mm.

Step 3 – Type of roller – PVC rollers for lighter items (up to 20kg) or steel rollers for heavier duty work up to 80kg. The maximum evenly distributed package weight is defined by multiplying the individual roller capacity by 3.

Step 4 – Pitch of roller – the space between each roller. This will be determined by the size of item to be moved on the conveyor – there should be a minimum of 3 rollers under the load. Sacks or loads with a soft base require the closest pitch.

Step 5 – Support stands –calculate how many you need, based on 1 every 1.5m and at frame joints.

Step 6 – Extras – decide if you need any optional extras such as a lift up gate, end stops or a ball platform to sit between 2 conveyors (often at right angles).

We supply and deliver throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.



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