Profistep Extension Ladder

Profistep Extension Ladder

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Hailo Profistep Extension Ladder is a strong aluminium extending ladder, height can be adjusted tread by tread. It has a practical locking system for both sections with anti-slip mechanism. Sturdy guide parts. Length and cross-profiled treads. Full surface contact feet with a non-slip surface for added stability. Can be taken apart to make 2 separate ladders. 3 years warranty. Complies with EN 131. Available in 4 sizes

2 x 9 Treads – Height 4090mm – 5200mm

2 x 12 Treads – Height 5710mm – 6800mm

2 x 15 Treads – Height 7330mm – 8450mm

2 x 18 Treads – Height 8410mm – 9500mm

We also supply step ladders and warehouse steps.

We supply and deliver throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.


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