Portable Work Platform

Portable Work Platform

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Portable Work Platform – High quality aluminium safety step with fixed safety guard rails on 3 sides and gated closure. 490 x 400mm solid work platform with toe board. Wheels fitted for mobility. 4 tread model supplied with stabilisers. Folds for ease of handling and transportation. EN131 compliant – max load 150kg.

If you work at heights up to 820mm (3ft) or lower we can offer you a product that can help you work more comfortably and efficiently. Our light duty portable work platform enables you to reach high up places with ease, there are safety guard rails on three sides and a gated enclosure, ensuring the user is safe whilst working, even when reaching difficult areas. They are made of high quality aluminium, making them strong and they are fitted with a large working tray to hold tools etc. to make your tasks straight forward. Manufactured to EN131 with a maximum permissible load of 150kg these work platforms are reliable – they fold for ease of handling with wheels fitted for mobility and easy transportation. We think these are great pieces of access equipment that will be convenient and beneficial for your business

Work platforms are a great way to allow safe and secure access to machinery and work above floor level. They can be used to create secure walkways and access platforms, safely aiding users that are required to work at height. Steps and handrails are available on some of the platforms. The handrails not only make it easier to get on top of the platform but they also offer another point of contact to the user whilst the platform is in use. We also have portable work platforms. Some of these are folding and telescopic options for temporary use and compact storage. Just fold them down and put out of the way until needed again. The advantage this has over a step ladder is the ability to move around more. You will not be restricted by working from a small platform and can work faster. All of our platforms are made from aluminium or steel to ensure they can handle heavy duty work. They are ideal for an industrial setting. They can be consistently used without worrying about damage.

We supply and deliver access equipment throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.


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