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Every lean manufacturing solution is different and designed to best suit the exact needs of the user. Please use the Enquire About Item to tell us about your requirements.


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Lean Manufacturing Solutions | Lean manufacturing is a system that allows manufacturers to examine closely how they manage waste within the production cycle. A major contribution to waste is the un-necessary handling and movement of products and sub assemblies used as part of the production process. One of the ways to minimise un-necessary handling and movement is to organise  work flow and ensure that all of the necessary components required as part of the manufacturing process are readily available and presented to operators in an organised and on time basis. Connect-A-tube is a pipe and joint system that its users to quickly design and build their own lean manufacturing solutions for the shop floor. Typically items suck as kitting trolleys, FIFO Storage Racks, carts and trolleys, workstations etc can all be designed and used in an organised way that reduces un-necessary product handling and movement. Connect-A-tube is an economic product to use as all items assembled can quickly be disassembled and rebuilt in to new equipment as your needs change. Watch our Connect-A-tube video to see how simple the product is. Please Contact Us for more information or request a site visit.

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