Kitting Trolleys

Kitting Trolleys

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Brand Connect-A-tube

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All of our Kitting Trolleys are designed and built to order. Please use the Enquire About Item Button to ask for a quotation

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Kitting Trolleys assembled using our Connect-A-tube pipe and joint system are primarily used to facilitate lean manufacturing production and improve the flow of materials around a factory floor. Typically kitting trolleys are used to transport and store raw materials and sub assemblies used as part of the production process. Lean manufacturing principles dictate that the handling of parts used in the production process should be minimised. This saves time and therefore money. We manufacture trolleys to order by looking at the overall requirements. This includes the size, shape and quantity of parts to be moved. We can then design and build equipment that exactly fits its intended use.

Please feel free to look at our Connect-A-tube Video and see how easy the product is to assemble. Contact Us for more information.

We supply and deliver throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.


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