Heavy Duty Extension Ladder Two Section

Heavy Duty Extension Ladder Two Section

Brand Extension Ladders Northern Ireland

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Heavy Duty Extension Ladder Two Section – Available in single, two or three section push up versions they are easy to handle and incredibly rigid. Certified to BS2037 class 1. 175 kg load capacity. With comfortable D shaped rungs and non-slip, solid moulded feet at both ends.

Industrial use ladders need to be strong, safe and reliable to enable the user to complete work without fear of injury when they are working up high. Our ladders are specifically made for extra heavy duty industrial use and are certified to BS2037 class 1 – made from aluminium, ourĀ heavy duty extension ladder two section are strong and durable. As push up ladders, they help you to reach high up areas – the available extended heights are; 4.2m, 5.2m, – giving you plenty of options that will assist you in completing your tasks. With 175kg capacity, they can hold you and your tools with ease and the non-slip, solid moulded feet at both ends keep you secure, letting you work peacefully. The D shaped rungs give you a comfortable place to grip and stand on. Our ladders are also easy to handle and incredibly rigid, making them simple to move and transport

Extension Ladders are made up of a standard rung ladder which has another ladder section attached to it. This additional section acts as the extension. The section either slides or folds out to create a longer ladder that can achieve a taller working height. Each extendable section can be locked in at various intervals to adjust the overall ladder height to an appropriate level for the task at hand.

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