Hazardous Substance Cupboards

Hazardous Substance Cupboards

Brand Hazardous Storage Cabinets Northern Ireland

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Our Hazardous Substance Cupboards range help the employers and employees comply with the control of hazardous substances in the workplace. This range of cupboards and cabinets enables the separate storage for hazardous substances as demanded by the CoSHH regulations. ‘No snag’ handles with 2-point locking. Robust and durable construction. Cupboard shelves have a UDL of 70kg. Adjustable spill-retaining galvanised shelves for superior spill management. Integral liquid-tight sump encourages the correct handling of spills through the use of absorbents. Floor chests have a welded integrated sump, angled lid to discourage article placement and a hasp and staple lock – padlock not supplied. Powder coated yellow with germ guard active technology paint. Hazardous warning stickers supplied as standard. Reaction to Fire Classification EN 13501-1.

We supply a wide variety of cupboards and lockers.

We supply and deliver throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.


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