Ergo Chair

Ergo Chair

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The Ergo Chair is your choice when you are looking for a good, solid workplace chair for majority of tasks and functions in industrial and technical working environments. Ergo chair has sturdy technical features accompanied with all the necessary ergonomic functions needed for healthy sitting in a production context.

The Ergo chair is especially well-suited to work that demands good visibility and precise movement of hands as well as for physically versatile work where sitting is not continuous. A forwards tilting seat is a prerequisite for precise work and normal sized backrest allows movements, twisting and bending of the upper torso. Ideal for example to light assembly, workshops, packaging areas, production, precision work and also for many other type of work and environments

The Ergo chair has fabric upholstery. It is recommended for use in clean working environments. The high-quality fabric upholstery is breathable and can both absorb and expel moisture. The soft surface guarantees maximum comfort. The upholstery can be cleaned by using commercially available upholstery cleaning products. With soft dual-wheel safety castors. Castors brake when unloaded.

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