Drum Tilting Trolley

Drum Tilting Trolley

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Brand Drum Handling Equipment Northern Ireland

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Drum Tilting Trolley – Lifts, transports and dispenses 210 litre tight head and open top steel drums. Open top drums should always have lids fitted for transport. H x W x L – 1020 x 870 x 1400mm. Weight – 50kg. Capacity – 360kg.

Awkward and heavy to lift, drums containing liquids must be handled and moved safely by any company.

As with any other type of vessel, there are strict rules in place which govern this, and they also stipulate certain types of apparatus which can be used to help with the task.

We supply a range of drum-handling apparatus, including clamps, positioners and tilters, covers, trucks and trolleys, slings and stands.

We supply and deliver a wide variety of handling and lifting equipment throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.


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