Coba Orthomat Standard

Coba Orthomat Standard

Brand Anti-fatigue Mats Northern Ireland

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Coba’s research and knowledge in the field of ‘fatigue-relief’ for standing occupations continues to drive the development of the Coba Orthomat standard range. COBA Europe is regarded as one of the leading names in anti fatigue matting, offering an unrivalled product choice. The Orthomat range has been specifically designed to reduce the onset of fatigue caused by prolonged standing. This durable, yet very comfortable matting is manufactured from 100% closed cell PVC foam, providing the right balance of underfoot cushioning and support, while encouraging healthy circulation.

Orthomat Standard is the original fatigue fighter it is a single layer foam anti-fatigue workplace mat with textured surface. Orthamat is ideal for light to medium use in dry environments. There is a safety version available with bright yellow borders. It insulates against cold concrete floors. Available in various colours and sizes.

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