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Ladders and Steps Northern Ireland – With an ever increasing need for access equipment such as ladders, workstations and platforms in many industrial workplaces, it is vital that the equipment is 100 percent safe and secure to ensure the protection of your workforce.

When you are required to work from height it is essential to have access to the correct equipment at all times. This is required by law in the working height regulations that employers must comply with. At Industrial Products UK we supply a wide variety of industrial ladders and steps and access equipment to help you get the job done safely. Ladders available include; warehouse steps, step ladders, kick steps and stools, extension ladders, combination ladders, work platforms and scaffold towers.

View our full range of access equipment here and please feel free to call us anytime on 028 92674137 to discuss any requirements you may have or request a site visit by one of our technical advisers.

Kick Steps are extremely versatile steps often used for safely reaching up to high shelves without the risk of straining your back. Kick steps come with spring loaded castors making them extremely easy to push along the floor and then retract when weight is applied to the step. When the castors are retracted the base grips to the floor, allowing you to work safely and confidently.

Mobile Safety Steps suit a variety of workplace needs, whether you’re undertaking regular maintenance work or require access to hard-to-reach areas of your warehouse. Our mobile safety steps have been designed for easy transportation and they are available in a choice of sizes, allowing you to choose the right one for the job.

Step Ladders and Platforms are perfect for those jobs that are just beyond reach. They are ideal for reaching goods from higher shelves and are easy to move around an office or warehouse and have anti slip surfaces which makes them very safe. Step ladders are very easy to store and transport as they fold up. Our step ladders and push up ladders provide secure and stable means of gaining access to elevated areas, without the risk of accident. Platform steps offer a stable work platform and can be safely stored under desks.

Extension Ladders are made up of a standard rung ladder which has another ladder section attached to it. This additional section acts as the extension. The section either slides or folds out to create a longer ladder that can achieve a taller working height. Each extendable section can be locked in at various intervals to adjust the overall extension ladder height to an appropriate level for the task at hand.

We have a wide range of access equipment that conforms to all relevant workplace safety regulations related to employees working at height. We supply and deliver Ladders and Steps throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK.

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