Pallet Trucks Northern Ireland

Pallet Trucks Northern Ireland – If you run a warehouse you will need equipment to help your operations run as smoothly as possible, and the lift tables and pallet truck equipment available from us are the perfect choice.

For very heavy objects, our hydraulic lifters and winch-operated stackers will be an invaluable purchase that you will soon realise you cannot live without. We have stackers capable of lifting up to 1000kg, while our fully powered hydraulic mini stackers are highly manoeuvrable and are compact enough for use in confined areas.

Alternatively, our range of manual lift tables could be more suited to your operations and many of our products are operated with either a manual foot pump, a crank or a battery. They are also mobile so they can be relocated to wherever you need them the most.

Pallet trucks are an indispensable product in the business world. They’re ideal for moving pallets. If your warehouse works almost exclusively with pallets then this is the category you should to view.

Stackers are designed for stacking. They remove the manual labour from this task. Some are perfect for pallets while others have a platform which can be used for other objects.

Lift tables feature a flat platform which lifts up and down, helping staff to load, unload and work at a comfortable height. If you think a lift table might be what you need, view this category and find your perfect product.

Manually operated pallet trucks, stackers and lift tables are good for objects that are not too heavy or you won’t use too often.

In order to avoid as much manual strain as possible, consider opting for an electrically operated product. You’ll really appreciate going electric if you regularly deal with heavy objects as you’ll avoid repetitive strain injuries whilst maximising productivity.

When you have identified a suitable product, check the specifications and make sure the load capacity is up to the task. Your pallet truck will be no good if it can’t carry your heavy pallets.

Ensure you check the lift height. The electric high lift pallet truck for example, is designed to function as a pallet truck but also lift pallets particularly high. If this is on your checklist, make sure you read the details.

Lastly, consider whether storage is an issue. The folding pallet truck is a simple, manual pallet truck which folds neatly away for transport or storage. It has quite a low load capacity but could be just the thing for infrequent use or confined spaces.

Whether you’ve decided that a pallet truck, stacker or lift table would be best for your business, hopefully this little guide has pointed you in the right direction. Browse the full range or get in touch for more advice. We’ll be happy to talk about your requirements and help you find the right product for your needs.